Thursday, 4 December 2014


Spending my time on the internet finding  red outfits for christmas but i can't seem to find a nice one:-(
It is so difficult to find red outfits,most of the clothing are like black and white. God bless me hoping i could find one as soon as possible for my christmas performance.


Hey guys,

 Its really strange because i have been automatically waking up early every morning even though its the holidays. Well its not really early like 7 o'clock but around there. Last night i slept at about 12+ almost 1 a.m and today i woke up like 8+.  

Usually its always someone waking me up,i at least wakes up when the person comes the second time. But this time no one woke up and i woke up myself and was feeling energetic,not so tired like how i was during the school days. 

Very cool,i don't know how that happened but it made my mum's life easier so she don't have to scream or nag about me always waking up so late. 


Well, when the holidays started i was really happy and excited to stay home and finally have a good rest,i don't have to wake up so early,i can take my time eating breakfast and everything just comes smoothly without rushing like school days.

During school days,i always skipped breakfast as i don't really have a lot of time as i have to bathe,tidy up my hair and it takes up a lot of time so instead every recess is just like breakfast. I'm now relieved i can stay up quite late and not worry about waking up early anymore as its the holidays! Anyways the holiday is about to end and i am starting to worry about my school work as i haven't done any. 

I should really rush about my work ahah,not much time left. i hope you guys had a fun holiday. My holidays seemed busier than my friends as i have a lot of performance to go to and about days ago my album released . I really appreciated for those who came and bought my CD!
If any of you are like in my situation now,not even touching your homework,i think you better start finding them and doing them ahahh. 

- Kellyn Tan